Space Omics and Medical Atlas (SOMA)

Space Omics and Medical Atlas (SOMA) is a collaborative project aiming to standardize biological measures and data sharing for bioastronautics and spaceflight related -omics data.

Using our established analysis methods from the NASA Twins Study , we are performing comprehensive and integrative multiomics analysis of astronauts, including the crew from the Inspiration4, Polaris Dawn, and Axiom missions. Longitudinal sampling will allow for monitoring the impacts of spaceflight and provide a health service to the crew post-mission. Furthermore, applying the same core protocols in the sample collection, processing, and analysis across multiple missions will allow us to validate and compare our findings with other investigators and space agencies/companies around the world.

SpaceX Inspiration4
  • SpaceX Inspiration4

    Inspiration4 was the first human spaceflight to orbit Earth with only private citizens on board. The Crew Dragon capsule Resilience launched on 16 September 2021 and landed on 18 September 2021.

    For the mission we have collected and analyzed a comprehensive set of longitudinal multiomics data from the astronauts that span pre-, in-, and post-flight periods. These results and datasets are made available as a resource for all related biomedical and spaceflight research.

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About The Team

Christopher Mason
Eliah Overbey
Braden Tierney
JangKeun Kim
Afshin Beheshti
Cem Meydan
Jiwoon Park
  • Christopher E. Mason

    Professor of Computational Genomics, Weill Cornell Medicine

    Eliah G. Overbey

    Assistant Professor, University of Austin

    Braden Tierney

    Research Associate, Weill Cornell Medicine

    JangKeun Kim

    Research Associate, Weill Cornell Medicine

    Afshin Beheshti

    Bioinformatician and Principal Investigator, NASA Ames Research Center

    Cem Meydan

    Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine

    Jiwoon Park

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Weill Cornell Medicine


  • Mason Lab and WCM

    Christopher Mason
    Chandrima Bhattacharya
    Marissa Burke
    Christopher Chin
    Namita Damle
    Jeremy Wain Hirschberg
    Ashley Kleinman
    JangKeun Kim
    Alexander Lucaci
    Sebastian Garcia Medina
    Cem Meydan
    Deena Najjar
    Theodore M. Nelson
    Eliah Overbey
  • Jiwoon Park
    Krista Ryon
    Maria Sierra
    Karolina Sienkiewicz
    Craig Westover
    Zachary Feinstein
    Darko Barisic
    Ezequiel Dantas
    Saravanan Ganesan
    David Lyden
    Irina Matei
    Ari M. Melnick
    Laura I. Patras
  • External Collaborators

    Amran Asadi
    Brain E. Crucian
    Matias Fuentealba
    David Furman
    Gwyneth A. Hutchinson
    Remi Klotz
    Joan S. Lenz
    Conor Loy
    Begum Mathyk
    Seanb Mullane
  • Omary Mzava
    Sunny Narayanan
    Khiem Nguyen
    Veronica Ortiz
    Nathan Schanzer
    Scott M. Smith
    Iwijn De Vlaminck
    Daniel A. Winer
    Fei Wu
    Min Yu
    Sara R. Zwart

  • Key laboratories and scientific leads for the SOMA resources

    Chris Mason, Weill Cornell Medicine, Mason Lab
    Afshin Beheshti, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science at NASA Ames Research Center, Beheshti Lab
    Mathias Basner, University of Pennsylvannia, Basner Lab
    Eliah G. Overbey, The University of Austin, Overbey Lab
    Cem Meydan, Weill Cornell Medicine, Meydan Lab
    Masafumi Muratani, University of Tsukuba/JAXA, Muratani Lab
    Susan Bailey, Colorado State University, Bailey Lab
    Eric Bershad , Baylor College of Medicine, Center for Space Medicine
    Joseph Borg, University of Malta, Borg Lab
    Sylvain Costes, NASA Ames Research Center, Costes Lab and NASA OSDR: Open Science for Life in Space
    Stefania Giacomello, SciLifeLab, Giacomello Lab
    Christopher Jones, University of Pennsylvannia, Jones Lab
    Jaime Mateus, SpaceX
    Amber Paul, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Paul Lab
    Ashot Sargsyan, KBR, Inc., Sargsyan Lab
    Jonathan Schisler University of North Carolina, Schisler Lab
    Michael Schmidt, Sovaris Aerospace
    Mark Shelhamer, Johns Hopkins University, Human Spaceflight Lab
    Keith Siew, University College London, Siew Lab
    Emmanuel Urquieta, University of Central Florida, Urquieta Lab
    Stephen (Ben) Walsh, University College London, Walsh Lab
    Fredric Zenhausern, University of Arizona, Zenhausern Lab
    NASA Artificial Intelligence for Life in Space (AI4LS) Working Group , Sylvain V. Costes, Lauren M. Sanders
    NASA GeneLab Sample Processing Lab , Valery Boyko
    NASA Open Science Data Repository, Sylvain V. Costes, Samrawit G. Gebre, Danielle K. Lopez, Lauren M. Sanders, Ryan T. Scott, Amanda M. Saravia-Butler, San-huei Lai Polo, Rachel Gilbert

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